Unsustainable Immigration Is Not A Right

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

New Zealand First is pro-immigration. Yes, you read that correctly.

But immigration to New Zealand is not a right. Rich or poor, black or white, Asian or American, we should be limiting our visas to a sustainable number of the best and the brightest. Not all comers, and not 70,000 a year.

Over the 24 hours following Donald Trump's election victory, the Canadian immigration website crashed with US citizens looking to flee their country, and New Zealand saw a surge of US enquiries about moving here, from an average of 3,000 a month, to 54,000 in one day. What is really disturbing, is that this blue government could very well decide they're all welcome, and still believe we have room for an extra 16,000.

This is serious. Dissatisfied American electors cannot simply decide to move to New Zealand. If they're amazing and we need them, we would be interested, but people seem to believe they can just 'show up' and they're in.

The Herald recently ran an article about this, where it was stated, "Ollie Wall of Graham Wall Real Estate - which regularly set records selling New Zealand's most expensive homes - said Americans wanted their slice of "paradise" and interest had increased rapidly in the last few months as Donald Trump's popularity increased."

Here's the issue: "their slice of paradise" is not 'theirs', it's 'ours'.

We, at New Zealand First have stated, we should bring in people 'we need', not everybody who 'needs us'. 70,000 net immigration each year is open season and unsustainable.

New Zealanders don't want to turn New Zealand into, or sell ourselves to, the US, China, Britain or anyone else. We want to be the best New Zealand we can be. If someone from another country can help us be more awesome, great, but one of the reasons we're already awesome is our small sustainable population. 70,000 extra all comers each year is not sustainable. 10,000 - 14,000 extra awesome immigrants is sustainable, and good for New Zealand and New Zealanders.



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