Film workshops with BOP Film

Art Beatwith Rosalie Crawford The recent huge interest in film making generated by the BOP Film community has resulted in requests for workshops for people keen to learn about the many facets of making a movie.BOP Film's Just 3 Girls. Who... Read More

What an unfortunate series of events!

Art Beatwith Rosalie Crawford The idea for basing a story line off a series of books that so many of us as children fell in love with, came from Angus Stewart and Isabella Perkins, two drama students at Bethlehem College. Lemony Snickett's... Read More

Sustainable Art Challenge

Art Beatwith Rosalie Crawford What's it like to enter the Envirohub Sustainable Art Challenge? I'd heard that Baycourt is packed out every year as the event attracts hundreds to come see trash turned into art and fashion. This year... Read More

Comfort food for pre-winter

Peter BlakewayFood writer As a chef, you know winter is approaching when you've done the last wedding of the season. For me that was two weeks ago, so we're now well into that seasonal no-man's-land where we can feel winter is... Read More

Through the Looking Glass

Insider's Guide to the Festivalwith Liz This year's Garden and Art Festival may be the last for one gardener, but we hope it's not the last for her garden. Gael Blaymires, of The Looking Glass... Read More

The Fountain of Youth

Insider's Guide to the Festivalwith Liz French I'd be kidding myself to think I was still drinking from the fountain of youth. For goodness sake I've recently become a ‘pensioner'. I used my Gold Card to get a discount... Read More

Gardening is like landscape painting

Insider's Guide to the Festivalwith Liz French The Garden Trail is the backbone of every festival and while there may be a myriad of other events at the festival without our gardeners we have no festival. The gardeners who share their private... Read More

Garden & Art Festival – that’s an understatement!

Insider's Guide to the Festivalwith Liz French The launch of the NZ Garden & Art Festival programme this week finally reveals what I've been noticing for months. This festival, while staying true to its core value of showcasing the... Read More

M4 wow factor

Andy BelcherThrough Andy's LensPhotographer If you're a car nut like me, you will understand why I was so excited last Monday to drive BMW's newly-announced M4 supercar. It boasts a twin turbo-charged six-cylinder engine, producing... Read More

Discovering Boy’s Toys

Art Beatwith Rosalie Crawford I'm sure Ken Wright knew what he was thinking when he approached more than 20 artists to produce work around the theme of ‘boy's toys'. Immediately, despite being a girl, I grinned and thought... Read More

Opinion Poll

What did you do when quake hit the Kaikoura area early last Monday morning and a tsunami warning was sent out?

Heeded the warning and quickly made our way to higher ground.
Didn't receive a tsunami warning at all.
Received a tsunami warning from Civil Defence but was too late - when we woke that morning.
Ignored the warning.

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