Do you have an ‘itis’ problem?

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Do you have an ‘itis’? – Part 2

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Do you have an ‘itis’? – Part 1

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How well are you aging?

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Resveratrol – a natural compound to help age gracefully

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Protective power of red wine grapes – Part 1

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The power of curcumin – part 2

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The benefits of curcumin – part 1

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Chondroitin – the forgotten hero

John ArtsAbundant Living If you use a joint supplement for osteoarthritis then stop reading and get the bottle and check the amount of Chondroitin Sulphate in the daily dose. Most older-style formula will have up to 20 per cent... Read More

Metabolic health check up!

Are you ready?with Leigh Elder Every second day a headline screams out about our growing obesity and diabetes numbers. While we agree that raising awareness around the obvious risks associated with drinking sugary drinks is a good move, in the... Read More

Opinion Poll

What did you do when quake hit the Kaikoura area early last Monday morning and a tsunami warning was sent out?

Heeded the warning and quickly made our way to higher ground.
Didn't receive a tsunami warning at all.
Received a tsunami warning from Civil Defence but was too late - when we woke that morning.
Ignored the warning.

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