Land supply in the city

Catherine StewartTauranga City Councillor A majority of Tauranga City Council's elected members supported Bob Clarkson's proposal to investigate opening up land in Tauriko for development. Central Government has directed councils to... Read More

To fix or not to fix?

Peter GriffinPlanwise Financial Services That is the question. Most Kiwis have been enjoying low home loan interest rates for a while. So how should you handle your loan? Should you fix or float? It's certainly a question plenty of homeowners... Read More

Colourful character

Kirsty Walkerof Eves Real Estate (Bethlehem) Oh boy, that yellow and green kitchen – it attracts the Australians, but it may have limited Kiwi appeal. Here is our advice: be careful with the use of strong colours. Sometimes it works wonderfully... Read More

Anyone for curry?

Kirsty Walkerof Eves Real Estate (Bethlehem) In Malaysia there are signs in hotels and taxis that state ‘No Durian' - that is because the smell (or should I say in my opinion the sickening stench) of this local fruit is not to everyone's... Read More

We want to sell for less

Kirsty Walkerof Eves Real Estate (Bethlehem) How often have I heard that? Well actually - never. Everyone wants to maximise their sale price- but not everyone helps their agent to achieve this for them. It is really important in the current market... Read More

Opinion Poll

What did you do when quake hit the Kaikoura area early last Monday morning and a tsunami warning was sent out?

Heeded the warning and quickly made our way to higher ground.
Didn't receive a tsunami warning at all.
Received a tsunami warning from Civil Defence but was too late - when we woke that morning.
Ignored the warning.

Bay Today

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