An important family decision requires extra consideration and perhaps a new point of view. Your shopping expertise is at a peak. Cultural activities blend well with romance.


This week, the focus is on reconciliations. The weekend accents maintenance around the home - avoid using second rate products. Thursday - Friday highlights new interests, especially those related to education or culture.


A workmate may respond negatively to your ideas, but this is strictly a short lived trend. Your artistic streak surfaces and your talents could lead to modest profits.


Romance favours a commonsense approach. Self discipline is important if you are to realise a career or academic goal. Company from out of town may arrive unexpectedly on the weekend.


The family budget requires careful review, with the accent on long term goals. Some interesting plans are in the works but don't divulge details prematurely. The romance situation brightens.


You may have to assert your authority before a tricky situation explodes. Your idea or invention is brought to the attention of an interested and influential party.


A series of obligations should be met by the end of this week. Vitality is at a peak and your wit shines. A romantically upbeat phase is under way.


Wednesday - Thursday sees you experimenting with a new approach to a relationship.  By Friday you will know if the tactics worked. You could find yourself winding up as a mediator in a family dispute.


A budding relationship begins to blossom. Intuition is especially strong early in the week but should not be relied on exclusively. Romance and travel may blend very well.


You are excellent at finding bargains and making sales pitches. Some people may expect the impossible from you, so don't hesitate to explain your situation. Meeting new friends is highlighted now.


Your ingenious ideas may backfire but don't hesitate to devise new schemes - you are bound to come up with a winner. The romantic situation stabilises before improving gradually.


A platonic friendship is highlighted during the weekend. You may be defeating your own purpose by trying to spare someone from the truth. Recent detective work pays off.

Your birthday this week

You enjoy making changes, you are sensitive to the needs and ideas of others and you are very protective. You are sometimes too cautious and you find it hard to forgive. A greater willingness to take modest, occasional risks can pay off in various areas of your life. A career shift may happen sooner than later.




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