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If you're off to see Tauranga Musical Theatre's latest production 'Vampirates' go dressed as a pirate! Photo: Rosalie Crawford.

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When I be asked t' go review th' seafarin' hearty-themed show at Tauranga Musical Theatre, o' course I had t' go dressed as a seafarin' pirate!

The Mayor was there. He be dressed as himself. “Yarrrrr ye scurvy dog!,” I challenged him. “What ye be doin' on the poop deck?” He told me a pirate joke.

I was still shaky from the famous Tauranga Musical Theatre horror maze. “Arrr matey!”

It was time to embark on the maiden voyage of the show. The stage is a large deck of a pirate ship with mast and cannons. Thar be an impressive lightin' rig overhead. Gentleman of fortunes – also known as pirates – nuns and vampires created mayhem and confusion with high energy dancing, bosomy narration and spirited lustrous singing.

I was on the yardarm of paronomasia and it took a while to realise the double entendres be goin' over me head.

I did relate however to the jokes about Donald Trump, Winston Peters and the werewolves. There were nuns chucking nuns at vampires. Nunchucks! Yo ho! The swabbie swabbing the decks felt a wee pail. Ha ha! There was wonderful confusion over a religious father exercising rather than exorcising.

Vampires gradually take over the ship. Who will be the queen? Where be Captain Swallows? Could the flamboyant captain be the Vampire Queen? Mrs Doyle the grog lady and ship security should be able to help. Will anyone survive this mayhem?

The show ran with barely a hitch o' nun skirts, maybe some sound technical issues, smartly resolved. Conceived during the performance of the last seadog pirate show in 2014, this great Christmas production is a string of gags and visual comedy resulting in rolling ‘yo ho ho's around the audience.

Go see it! At Tauranga Musical Theatre, 17th Ave, Tauranga from November 17-December 10. Dead men tell no tales!

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Why would you...

Posted on 26-11-2016 15:36 | By flashmedallion

Just describe a bunch of the jokes and list the punchlines in the review?

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