Police break up Papamoa Beach party

Police broke up a Papamoa Beach party after receiving reports of people fighting on the street overnight. Supplied Photos.

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UPDATED 2PM: A man claims he suffered a concussion after being set upon by a group of young people during an out-of-control party in Papamoa Beach overnight.

At least five police units were dispatched to a Papamoa Beach Road address after receiving reports of several people fighting on the street shortly after midnight.

The victim, who has asked to remain anonymous, says he was walking past the scene when he alleges to have witnessed a group of people “picking on a kid” and attempted to stop them.

“But there was so many, 40 or more, then they all started ganging up on me and beat me on the ground and gave me a concussion.

“My mates managed to push them off and we got away shortly after the cops were there, they were just a bunch of bullies that are only tough in groups.”

Photos and a video sent to SunLive by a Papamoa Beach Road resident show a crowd of people at the front of property where the party was held and spilling out on to the street, and at least five police vehicles that had been dispatched to the scene.

“There were about 60 people at the location, and at around 11.30pm it got violent and nasty with lots of abuse being screamed out,” says the resident.

“Police then turned up at about 12.30am in force and defused the situation quickly.”

In a statement sent to SunLive a police spokesperson confirms officers were dispatched to the incident to remove party goers but did not confirm whether any arrests were made.

A staff member of bar and restaurant Pap House, which is directly opposite the house where the party was held, says he saw a lot of young people drinking, yelling and swearing, but nothing untoward as they were locking up on Friday night, at about 10.30pm.

“But I'm still not very happy about the party because when I arrived at work this morning I had to clean up a lot of broken glass that'd been smashed outside.”

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My street sorted out a party-type

Posted on 26-11-2016 16:58 | By Cydifor

A father bought a house for his young-ish daughter and her boyfriend in my quiet suburban street. Of course the expected happened and the parties began. The neighbourhood got hold of the father and sorted him out, the girl was moved on and is perhaps a tad wiser now. She did not appreciate the gift her father gave her but perhaps she does now!


Posted on 26-11-2016 14:22 | By morepork

... people who'd rather get some sleep than let other people keep them awake all night. Maybe we should designate a suburb as "party central" and make people who have no consideration or reasonableness be forced to live there. A neighbourhood is made up of more than people just living there; it needs a sense of community and people looking out for each other. Where I live people DO have parties (occasionally) but they consider their neighbours and it's usually over by 11. We don't have fighting in the street (or on the premises) as a general rule. We DID have one group of renters who were made welcome and then proceeded to have wild parties involving substances and fist fights with "beer and thump thump" several times a week. They are not here any more. No-one misses them.

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