Suspicious lawnmower activity

2am is a strange time to be mowing the lawns. Images: Nathan Hunt.

Some strange lawnmower activity was caught on CCTV camera on Ngatai Road on Sunday morning.

A hooded gentleman was recorded strolling down the street with a lawnmower, before loading it into a waiting car.

The camera's owner, resident Nathan Hunt, thought it was peculiar.

“I run a security company, so I've got pretty good cameras outside the front of my house. We heard a noise at around 2am, which woke us up, but we didn't think anything of it.”

In the morning he checked the camera to find the footage, and called the police. However, they were only able to record it as information, since no lawnmower had been reported stolen in the area yet.

“We thought it was pretty obvious what happened,” says Nathan.

“There's been a lot of burglaries in the area lately. A neighbour had his van broken into and lost $16,000 worth of tools, along with other thefts.”

He says he was able to run a check on the vehicle's number plate from the footage, and noticed it's been paying a few visits to the neighbourhood lately.

“It seems to be lurking in the area most nights.”

If you live on Ngatai Road and happen to be missing your lawnmower, make sure to get in touch with the police.

And if you're in the habit of going for night-time walks down Ngatai Road, remember to smile – you're on camera.


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