Let’s talk about jazz

It seems a long time since I mentioned jazz in this column. Let's rectify that. This week I have a jazz initiative that's about to start, and another obituary. Because what would 2016 be if someone famous and influential that I admire hugely... Read More

A week in music

A week is a long time in music. And this last week seems particularly long, with the passing of both Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell. I don't, as more than a few have suggested, put this down to the world simply giving up in reaction to the takeover... Read More

Music from every direction

Music keeps arriving from every direction. I try and keep up, usually with only limited success. It often feels like trying to catch a train that is already leaving the station. Let me offer an example... One of many people I follow, so as to keep an... Read More

Blues CD ready to go

Blues CD ready to go Mike Garner is back, and he's got a new CD ready to launch!   “Back?” I hear you say. Given that he was playing in town on October 15 and again at the Matua Pub with the Bay City Ramblers last weekend, when... Read More

Musical launches and celebrations

These are troubled times in the music world so it's always good news when there's a new local release. A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the debut single from Apollo SteamTrain. Now the live band gets its own launch in a showcase night at... Read More

Reasons to be cheerful – Part 39

Bob wins – but is it literature? I guess you heard by now – Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature. It's something that's been much discussed here at the Watusi Country Club and, knowing my fondness for all things Dylan,... Read More

Musical mayors – a slight return

What are they hiding?It all seemed so innocent. Ask the Tauranga mayoralty candidates a few simple questions about music. In the event only five of the 11 candidates responded in time. And one a little late. You can see what they all said on SunLive at... Read More

Songs behind silent films

The combination of music and pictures has long fascinated people.I remember a particular urban legend that did the rounds for several years which held that Pink Floyd's ‘Dark Side Of The Moon' was created so it would synch with the 1939... Read More

Let's play musical mayors

In a few short weeks the epic reign of Stuart Crosby as Tauranga Mayor will come to an end and a grieving public will vote for his replacement. There are 11 candidates. They've got a bunch of positions. But who can tell if they'll stick to... Read More

Chatting with Josh

Josh Durning. Having a chat with Josh Durning is an education. Which is nothing but a good thing, as Josh's current gig is teaching. But it's hard not to feel as though he's temporarily living in limbo. Josh, about whom I've written... Read More

Opinion Poll

What did you do when quake hit the Kaikoura area early last Monday morning and a tsunami warning was sent out?

Heeded the warning and quickly made our way to higher ground.
Didn't receive a tsunami warning at all.
Received a tsunami warning from Civil Defence but was too late - when we woke that morning.
Ignored the warning.

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